Changes in band plan for Radioamateur in Vietnam

This is already old news but it is now official. Following the new national radio band plan published in november 2013 and signed by the president, several changes are noticeable. Band plan table starts on page 27.

Vietnamese HAM operators can now operate between 7100 KHz and 7200 KHz (in addition to 7000-7100 KHz previously) and also have the full 30 meters band allocated for amateur service (10100 KHz to 10150 KHz). 80 meters band is also allocated from 3500 to 3900 KHz (instead of 3800 KHz). More remarkably, the MF are also authorized on 472-479 KHz (600 meters) in addition to 1800-2000 KHz.

Please note that each band must be applied independently when you request your license. 

Typhoon Haiyan coming to Vietnam

A very strong typhoon with winds up to force 17 is now approaching Philippines and heading to Vietnam. Last forecasts give it going to the central part of the country but there is a high probability of it going souther. Currently a lot of rain is pouring over Hồ Chí Minh City and the Mekong Delta. The tide level being high because of the new moon, many streets are flooded.

MTSAT picture Nov 7th

Genuine XV/3W callsigns used by pirates

More reports seems to indicate that some pirates used real XV or 3W callsigns without any relation with their true owners (of course). Some old callsigns have been spotted used for digimodes QSOs (PSK) but currently attributed and active callsigns has been spotted while their real operator was not operating at that time.

If you think you worked a pirated callsign, please check the station’s page, check his online logs if they are available or contact him by e-mail.

Huy de XV2B is actively monitoring the clusters and PSK Reporter website about this.

Pirates using illegal 3W callsigns

This if an information from OM Huy de XV2B (VARC secretary).

It seems that some unidentified stations (pirates) are operating CW and digimodes (PSK31 and JT65) with unauthorized and illegal callsigns. Of course these will not be valid for any award or diploma.

In recent days, there are some CW-JT65-PSK31 activities on radio amateur band with unknown 3W callsign.
- The ship callsign: 3Wxx without the zone number.
- Illegal callsign: 3W0xxx, zone zero is not use.
- Fake callsign (?): received on zone 1-2 not 3.
- Fake callsign (!): not authorized from owner (XVxx).
Please attention.

New APRS maps for Viet-Nam

Art VK4GO/JA1OGS has published new APRS maps covering Viêt-Nam. The software package he used is called UI-View and works under Windows operating system for personal computers, APRSdroid under Android for smartphones is also avaiable. No GPS or radio is required to use the application. He also provides a page where he gives more explanations about what is APRS.

First high altitude balloon flight in Viet-Nam

The FSpace team (leaded by XV9AA), having already achieved the successful launch of the F-1 cubesat, has now reached a new milestone. They have entirely succeeded in building, launching, tracking and recovering an high-altitude balloon using several Amateur Radio technologies like APRS.

FSpace balloon payloadThis is a rare event in Vietnam for several reasons, including the fact that civilian aviation regulations are not as developed as in western countries. This open the way for more experiments and will help the country to gain skills and experiences in aircraft and space technologies.

As facts, the balloon reached an altitude of about 70.000ft (more than 21 km), flew for more than 2 hours over 200 km. The two way trips to recover it by motorbike took longer…

Several DXpeditions in december 2012 – january 2013

Many small and medium sized DXpeditions operators have chosen Viet-Nam for their winter trip. Among them you will be able to contact XV2LDH (5 german operators, QSL via DK8ZZ), XV4LU and XV4DDD by two japanese operators (from Phu Quoc IOTA AS-128), XV0VR (2 german operators from many places including AS-132 nd AS-128). Enjoy DX!