F-1 cubesat on the way to the launchpad

HTV3 transfered to the launchpadThe first vietnamese cubesat has been integrated to the HTV-3 vehicle and then to its H-II launcher. It will be soon ready for launch. More details and pictures here on the FSpace blog.




THu XV9AA also published a nice footage of VTV news giving many details about the projects.

F-1 cubesat on the TV news

F1 vietnamese radioamateur satellite is on his way

Thu, XV9AA, has unveiled vietnamese enthusiasts plan to launch the first vietnamese radioamateur satellite. the F-1 Cubesat satellite should be finished in 2011 and ready for launch once financing and launch vehicle finding are completed. The spacecraft will have a V/U mode for AFSK data, 1200bps and CW AFSK beacon, and experimental link with COTS transceiver.

More details about the project can be found on the project website.