Many XV/3W activity expected for CQ WPX 2011

These last weeks many stations have been active from Viet-Nam. You could expect a strong participation to this week-end SSB contest.

XV4Y is known to be QRV for CQ WPX Contest but only with reduced time. The strongest effort should be expected from XV1X as usual. Also look for 3W3B, XV2LC, XV2W…

Good luck in the contest!

CQ WW DX SSB 2009 contest results

XV1X’s effort during his participation to last year’s CQ WW DX has been rewarded by the contest jury. You can read the full story on CQ Magazine website. He was in high power category and had 847 QSO for a total score of 404 838 points. It is the best score of the stations in south-east Asia and China, only beaten by 2 stations in Thailand. To be noted, 3W1M was also participating to this edition and has won a certificate too.