HAM Shack rental in Viet-Nam

For a short stay and casual HAM Radio operation in Viet-Nam, the best way is to rent a shack and use the station’s callsign.

An agreement from both the VARC and the shack owner is necessary of course, but this reduce the delay needed to obtain the authorization to operate.

From now, 5 shacks are available : 2 in Hồ Chí Minh City and 1 near Củ Chi, 1 in Vũng Tàu (on the sea front) and 1 in Cần Thơ.

Many XV/3W activity expected for CQ WPX 2011

These last weeks many stations have been active from Viet-Nam. You could expect a strong participation to this week-end SSB contest.

XV4Y is known to be QRV for CQ WPX Contest but only with reduced time. The strongest effort should be expected from XV1X as usual. Also look for 3W3B, XV2LC, XV2W…

Good luck in the contest!